Uncommon Sense

by The Anselmo Project

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The ground breaking Progressive Rock album from Anthony S. Anselmo


released December 21, 2015

This album would never have been possible without the donation of time and talent to multiple musicians from Kompoz.com and the Columbus Ohio area. I am enternally grateful to their time and talent that they donated to help me make my dream come to an reality.

[Contributors to each song listed on individual track information.]

Special thanks go out...

Jesse, Dan, David, Sela, Craig and Chris Conroy for helping to fill in the void.

Harold for his amazing drumming giving me that ‘Phil Collins’ sound.

Bill Babacock for his amazing mixing and mastering advice.

My brothers in Picasso’s Dream (Chase, Brian, Carl and sometimes Jared!) Thank you so much for helping me get on the right path.

My brothers in Blue August (Jones, Davy and Jay).

My Cleveland brothers from Gravity and Ego who inspired me. Thank you Eric, Joe, Vikram, Brian, Mike, Dan and Matt for the encouragement and inspiration.

My family, Mom, Dad, Sisters, In-Laws, Nieces, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and everything else in-between.

My wonderful Piano teachers J. Patty (where ever you may be) and Debbie Brennan.

My feathered children, past, present and whatever the future may provide.

Thanks to Sweetwater for their technical contributors.

There is no Fairlight on this record... I think....

Super duper thanks to Daniel, light of my life, guiding star, flame of my loin.

And of course Satan!

Recorded all over Planet Earth!


Space Station Ten - Dedicated to all the brave men and women of NASA.

Pretty Bird (Happy Reconnissance) - Dedicated to Rudy.

Happy Molested Boy - Dedicated to survivors of Male Sexual Abuse.

Sad Space Opera - Dedicated to the crews of Challenger and Discovery.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Space Station Ten
Track Name: Destruction
Simplified, a murder yet to be crucified.
Of the emptiness, deep inside.
When you walked away from, me!

Sense you lies, you're a hypocrite of your own time.
How could I've have been so blind?
I should of known much sooner. Sooner!

Start the race you had promised me fame and grace.
I soon would learn what a waste.
Of time I had spent with you.

You planned my dreams, having your own nefarious schemes.
Set way beyond all me the means,
My voice seemed, soon unspoken.

Equal rights demolished soon before my sights.
My child soon taken from the night.
Of your own, your decision.

My strength has always been there inside me,
My abilities that you can never stop.

You never listen to word that's given.
You end generating you're greatest enemy.
All the warning signs that other's dispensed.
You hateful man, your destruction will be your own.

Listening twice of all the times you had advice.
Said so kindly with a smile.
Said always with subtle meaning.

True and tried history claimed on your side.
Knowing I could turn the tide.
If I choose to exercise my feelings.

Stopped short for a masterplan you contort.
Hitting the wrong chords you report.
It was your way or the highway.

Use my life as your destiny the perfect crime.
All the respect you lost in time.
And the love I've come to deserve!

My strength has always been there inside me.
My abilities that you can never stop.

You're were the master manipulator.
You're soul is blacker than darkness night.
All the warning signs that other's dispensed.
You lying man, your destruction will be your own.

The people know understanding what you mis-told.
No longer can I feel your hold,
Cos I'm a better person than you, yes You!

Take my pain, put words to chords and set it straight.
Demolish you with my with my own brain.
How funny that that I ever feared you.

My strength has always been there inside me.
My abilities that you can never stop.

Laying there on your death bed.
Hearing my voice in the caverns of your mind.
Karma returns with a vengeance.
You hateful man, your destruction will be your own.

Memory serves no purpose to you now.
A song, a story that the children know.
You hear this, you quiver within your bones.
You evil man, your destruction was all your own.
Track Name: Pretty Bird (Happy Reconnaissance)
Track Name: Beyond Destiny
Temptation amount, I feel the warmth standing so close to me.
A moment rephrasing, time syncopating, of the world to believe.
My instincts, so wonder if you can see my pain.
Self doubt indicating, time is relating, between night and day.

Fate, binds mystery to the night.
Where it may take us, it may never seems right.
Only a fool can't see.
A man’s sole destiny.

Over and under, I wish I could connect with the mind.
Beyond the bed sheets, there is magic to feel between our kinds.
At the wrong place with a companion, stuck with plan B.
Choices evaluating, time constipating, frustration within me.

Fate, binds mystery to the night.
Where it may take us, it may never seems right.
Only a fool can't see.
True love’s destiny.

No time frustrating, soon realizing, your not the right type.
A ring on your finger, thoughts no longer linger, I'm not that guy.
Realize what I want, it just might not be present, but I'll strive to achieve.
Though some calling me crazy, but it my life debating, what I choose to believe.

Turn of the cards,
Your turn around.
Break me down,
Take me out.

And then in a moment,
In a kiss, I realize.
I don't know what this world,
Is all - about.
Track Name: Teknikal Diffikulties
Track Name: Get Me Through
And though I see…
The darkness surrounds me.
And though I do know…
I can make it through?
I can make it through…

In a moment of recollection,
My innocence is faded.
For present is the ever darkness around me,
That destroys my childhood and dreams.

Destiny emerges and threatens me.
Fills me with anger and strife.
Constant pressure and pain are my friends now.
Get me through this time in my life.

The ever appearing discontent from those around,
The demon growing deep with my soul.
A secret I must hide for the safety of the world,
And the misery I must endure until I'm old.

An outcast to everyone in the world.
Lack of intelligence hits me like just a knife.
How many years must I face this turmoil? Just…
Get me through all this hell in my life.

Act of rage, fist of fight.
Defending myself through evil throughout the night!
No peace or serenity I shall find!
For a survivor's life is mine….

When we started so young,
The world seems to welcoming.
As we grow old,
Their light seems to dim.

And only through the flames of tribulation,
Can we unwelcome everything.
We are beings meant to find our way.
Meant to find our way.
Meant to find our way through the….

No more pain, I’m in control, of my own,
And the freedom I know I have and got forever.
For those who attempt to insult my heart,
I destroy with mercy of my mind.

No more pain now, my mind is clean,
The fools have gone away.
That which has hurt me, has build me stronger,
A true survivor of a coming of age.
Track Name: Happy Molested Boy
Track Name: Sad Space Opera

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