A Boatload of Hypocrisy

by The Anselmo Project

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released May 30, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: See You Through
And the darkness came upon him.... A stranger to this land
A mistress called that beckoned him... To rise up when he can
Here’s a journey set before you... To travel to the forest unkind
Her golden hair softly leading... A mystery here, yet to unwind

Don’t let fate disguise you... Step beyond your fears
For the moment of truth is reaching... Right beyond your tears
In a moment of silent sorrow..... You will know just what do.
Look deep inside your heart... To what will see you through

"Don't worry about your travels"... Said the Maiden to the man
I will guide you softly through.... the evil forest at hand
The trolls, owls and goblin.... They stayed away from the light
The calm presence of knowing..... That evil lurks in the night

{Repeat Chorus}

This Creature appeared before him... And slays the beauty to the ground
The hero marches forward.... Just to fighting back a second round
Then a surprise, right behind him.... The beauty rises in vain
A trap that laid before him... is evil disguise to claim

This journey of yore, doesn't ever seem to end
Around we go, you tell me my friend
The end must be near, my call beckons on
For my biggest fear ...I must never ever, let on..

{Repeat Chorus}

The Creature destroys her being... Saving our hero from his pain
Proving the fact that true beauty.... Is not to those whom claim
We are just of a simple race... The vixen was the one to fear
We are saved from true evil..... By our courage of being here
Track Name: Not in Vain
Four score and many years ago
Our sons bought forth from this grain
Told by those high and mounted
You call will not be in vain

Set up being all the lines
The Alamo their life were defined
Wives and child shout for the slain
You call will not be in vain

Time pass, and time goes
Only why the wind knows
Crying Out, Calling Out
My life will not be, in vain

Upon the beach they did land
With many hands dug in the sand.
Different world, that lords may be.
As they scaled the walls of Normandy.

High in the trees at night
Vietname dazed with fire and lights.
Alone, confused, bruised and abused
The heroes made their own light

The sacrifice that you did make.
For the honor, country that you have made.
With arms straight out, shouting loud.
Your life was not in vain.

Stuck in a hole in Iraq.
Praying for the end of the attack.
Trying their best, for all who'd been slain.
The conquest should not be in vain.

Time passes, and time goes
Only why the wind knows
Men Calling Out, Boys Crying Out
Your life was not in vain.

Years and years travel by
The same story, the same time.
Saving those from war insane.
Your life was never in vain.

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